Feeling “I’m in control”? Then you are not winning

In an interview, the famous German racing car driver “Michael Schumacher” told the interviewer this.

“When I’m driving my car in a race, and if I feel like I’m in control of my car, that means to me that I’m not fast enough, I might not be winning
“So what I do is, I accelerate and increase the speed more and more. Then at the situation when I started feeling I’m NOT in control, that means to me that I’m going to WIN!

I know what you are thinking right now.

Yes. There is a RISK involved.

But the thing is, if you want to keep everything under control, everything under your arm, everything known to you, that means you want to keep everything in a safe situation.

Yes. That is a good thing for every situation, for your business, career, personal life, etc that you are keeping everything and everyone at a safer level.


Do you have any thoughts of any developments, improvements, expansions, of your business, career, personal life, etc?

If your answer to the above question is “Yes”, then I’m afraid to say that, you will not be succeeding.

Because, “Knowing RISK” and “Taking RISK” are 2 major things to have, if you want to be successful and if you want to develop.

Hence, my good friends, if you are feeling, “I’m in control” that means you will probably have least or ZERO probability of development and succeeding.

What should I do?

Come out from your safe zone. Take the risk. Do until you feel “I’m NOT in control”. And carry on. You will probably win the race.

Good Luck!!!

(Inspired by a point raised by our MD, Mr. Mahendra Jayasekara during a meeting.)

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