“Feeling Defeated?” Yes. That’s Good

Sometimes, in our life, we feel defeated. You and me. All people. When we feel defeated, we think of abandoning all the things.


Why is that? Actually are we defeated?

What do you think?

The answer SHOULD be “NO”.

We have dreams. We have aims. We work for them. Sometimes hard, sometimes lazily.

For instance, we will consider a 100 meters runner.

His last record is 11.50 seconds. He wants to get near the world record. (i.e. 9.58 seconds by Usain Bolt). After few months of continuous training he was able to achieve only 10.20 seconds. He felt defeated. He is still way below his target.

Is he actually defeated???

He has been able to improve his capabilities by 11%. (11.5 -> 10.2 Secs)

But yes, his target is improving by 17%. (11.5 -> 9.58 Secs)

Think again. Is he defeated?


He has improved. But Yes. He’s not to his requirement, or to his aim.

So why he felt defeated?

He is thinking big. he is ambitious. He has a specific aim. He want to achieve that target.

So, as he was not able to get to his exact aim, he felt defeated.

But, he had improved, he had achieved more than 50% of his target. But he want to do more.

That is why he felt defeated.

So this is the same for you and me.

We feel defeated when we were not able to work up to our target.

Therefore, its like this.

When you feel defeated, think that you have improved. You are being ambitious. You have a bigger dream to achieve. You want to do more. You want to achieve more.

Therefore, feel defeated. It is totally Okay.

(Inspired by a speech by our MD, Mr. Mahendra Jayasekara.)

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